Some day, I may blog for real again. Until then, enjoy these pit stops on the Internet:

Roger Ebert hates these movies.

I’ve seen, maybe, two or three of these movies. And, actually, I kind of liked them. Never have and never will see this one, though:

“Battlefield Earth”

Hiring Travolta and Whitaker was a waste of money, since we can’t recognize them behind pounds of matted hair and gnarly makeup. Their costumes look like they were purchased from the Goodwill store on the planet Tatooine. Travolta can be charming, funny, touching and brave in his best roles; why disguise him as a smelly alien creep? The Psychlos can fly between galaxies, but look at their nails: Their civilization has mastered the hyperdrive but not the manicure.

Legal Urban Legends Hold Sway: it’s easy to convince people that tort reform is rational if you make up a bunch of insane law suits.

The Bubble Burst: yet another “where are they now” site.

Good advice for parents-to-be.