Car is totalled, it seems

Maybe I can replace it with this? We’ll have to think about it….

Pretty hybrid car!

10 Times

Another site for dragging space ships around: 10 Pixels per meter.
The biggest ship? A 747.

And, of course, there’s 100 Pixels per meter which really is 100 meters per pixel but who’s counting?

2000 Meters per Pixel
Featuring at least part of the moon.

Or see the whole kaboodle at once: Jeff Russell’s STARSHIP DIMENSIONS

I’m sure you all know by know but

Yay! More yummy Whedon TV. Now with Spikey goodness. And no annoying Connor.

Can we get Firefly back too?


World’s cheesiest car unveiled

Stuff like this never happens at my library

Peeps visit the library.

Some die.

The library is a dangerous place.

Via PCJM –>


In case you are trying to decide between getting a kitten, a puppy, a baby, and a video card.

Future Past

These Predicta TVs are awesome. And a little pricey.

How much is the Big Game up to now?

From Windowseat

Unclear on the Subject

The BBC says Ants defy evolution. But I’m not sure why they would think that.

Apparently, army ants — which exist on several continents — were long thought to have evolved several times. New research suggests they evolved only once (about 100M years ago) and share a common ancestor. They have remained relatively unchanged since then.

Is BBC suggesting this lack of change “defies evolution”? Natural selection isn’t a process that must occur during any given geologic period. Species can remain unchanged as long as they can survive in their environment. Looks like the ants just worked out something pretty stable relatively early. If that’s the case, natural selection has done its job. Nothing more to be done. Mutations can occur, but they don’t have to (the X-Men notwithstanding).

What the ants are instead defying is the conventional wisdom of their evolutionary origin– but that makes a much less interesting headline, I guess.

Car Accident

I’m ok.

Car — not so much; don’t know the extent yet.

No one else invovled (whew!).

Think I’ll be spending much of the next few days/weeks on the El and Metra!

Warning: LSD in the rain is very, very slippery.

Some very nice people stopped to ask if I was all right (it must have looked pretty scary). A nice woman named Jan pulled over to stay with me until the cops came. I’m sure Jan does not read this weblog but I appreciate it anyway.

Scary stuff


The Bush administration has admitted that Saddam Hussein probably had no weapons of mass destruction.

Senior officials in the Bush administration have admitted that they would be ‘amazed’ if weapons of mass destruction (WMD) were found in Iraq.

At this point, I would be “amazed” too.

This is truly frightening. It also makes me wonder — how much cognitive dissonance will supporters of this adminsitration have to maintain just to keep functioning? Especially when, with every executive utterance, they need to come up with new reasons for their support almost every day. And yet they seem to be able to do so without incurring even mild whip lash. It’s like there isn’t a single fact (such as, say, there were no WMD) that will make them wake up and say, “Hey! What are these people doing? This has gone too far!”

Wake up! This has gone too far!

(Jason sends this; no date on article but it’s on today’s front page of the site’s news.)