Name that Tune

Classical Music Search can name that MIDI tune, in well, a little more than three notes. (Scout)

One a day

I try to find you guys one scary thing every day. Here’s today’s special: Spiderwood

Sticks and Stones

Prime minister’s aide steps down over moron comment about Bush

Mom, can I get the Hanged Man playset for Christmas?

Did you ever look at your toys and say, hey, I bet these would make a great set of Tarot cards?

From boing boing.

And people trust this administration why?


This administration has no concerns for truth or justice or anything remotely resembling these concepts. They do what they want to make themselves richer and none of us, Americans or Iraqis, will benefit from their actions in any way, shape, or form.

Another Chicago Blog

The Retail Knut

OK, Megan’s only got a couple of entries right now but the colors are pretty! Don’t piss her off though….

At least she’s at Jewel. She could be working in a, um, video store. [note: the video store sells all kinds of movies, from G to not-G, but the more interesting customers apparently are the not-G ones...]

The acting’s only mildly worse…..

Coming soon to an unnecessary war near you. Clone of the Attack! (Thanks Frances)


Having trouble figuring out this style sheet thing. I can’t get anything to change, I don’t think. I’ll try to get back to it later.

No more Blogger?

Obviously, I’ve changed stuff around here. I’m now using Movable Type to manage the site rather than Blogger — got sick of losing entries to server problems. And Blogger doesn’t like Mac so much. But MT is somewhat more challenging — other than installation, my big challenge of the day was trying to figure out how to put the last x entries rather than the last x days worth of entries on the site. Next — redesigning this rather generic layout.

Already Switched in ’87

Why am I not surprised that Ellen Feiss’ first interview was in the Brown Daily Herald?

I am shocked and offended! No, wait. I’m not.