The DNS is taking forever to resolve. I think I’ll make some useless entries while I wait. It’s like I want to add entries when I can’t get to the site but when everything’s working I don’t put up a thing. Today, the semiotic nature of television shows filmed in primary and secondary colors.

debgpi(11:18:01 AM): What’s the point of CCing a televsion show aimed at 2 yr olds?

[Well, I'm sure there are plenty of good reasons but it strikes me as strange.]

debgpi (11:18:46 AM): this show is seriously f’ed up
Seth (9205538) (11:18:56 AM): hehe
debgpi (11:19:21 AM): I can see why the right wingers hate it. Not only does tinky winky carry a bag but sometimes he wears a tutu
Seth (9205538) (11:19:41 AM): they are sexless athropomorphic blobs
debgpi (11:19:44 AM): and keeps losing it in a strange sort of kiddy show strip tease
Seth (9205538) (11:19:48 AM): ‘he’ doesnt really apply
Seth (9205538) (11:19:58 AM): disturbing
Seth (9205538) (11:20:03 AM): why are you watching telly tubbies?
debgpi (11:20:16 AM): it was on when I turned on the tv
Seth (9205538) (11:20:28 AM): likely story
debgpi (11:20:29 AM): I haven’t changed the channel b/c I fear this is the best I’ll find
debgpi (11:20:40 AM): and I”m in dana’s house so no TiVO

[I look away at the laptop screen for sec and Tinky Winky has lost his skirt. Noo-Noo looks very guilty. I look away again, the skirt is back and TW is saying "Naughty Noo-Noo!"].

debgpi (11:20:50 AM): did the vacuum cleaner just vomit up the skirt?
debgpi (11:21:01 AM): what a very special way to wear the skirt, the announcer says without irony
Seth (9205538) (11:21:19 AM): irony is where you find it
debgpi (11:21:54 AM): TW was wearing the skirt in a very special way to do his very special round and round dance — announcer. I’m telling you, this is a pop culture gold mine
debgpi (11:22:34 AM): He’s wearing the skirt on his head, btw.
Seth (9205538) (11:22:38 AM): hehe
Seth (9205538) (11:23:29 AM): i think its a mirror of the watchers preconceptions and assumptions
Seth (9205538) (11:23:42 AM): you get out of it what you bring into it, like the evil cave in Empire Strikes back.
debgpi (11:23:45 AM): I think it’s the sequel to The Prisoner

I probably shouldn’t bother Seth at work. Update: Seth had more LOLs in here and I had more misspellings but I took them out for flow. And because there are enough misspellings already in this blog.

I wish I had come up with that Prisoner analogy myself, but I stole it from someone at GenCon. Which is where I will be for most of this week, running games for Fantasy Aspirations. See you there!

Maybe Arthur will be on now. I love having Mondays off even if I work Saturdays. No, it’s Mr. Rogers. Too bad. If I were in my house, I could watch one of the 20,000 eps of STNG that my TIVO has recorded. OOO Twilight Zone. See how productive I am?

Yet another useless test post.

Yet another useless test post.

Well, if you ever see

Well, if you ever see this, this means that finally debgpi is working! Welcome. Do not go to unless you really like porn pop-ups….

I let the domain name lapse by one day and see what it got me :-( . Well, this is! The new blog which looks exactly like the old one. I should probably warn the 3 people who link to me, huh? And maybe change the background color while I’m at it.

I’d say look for fun exciting entries in the near future, but next week is GenCon so don’t count on it. Maybe the week after? But that all aside, I can’t leave you with nothing. Hmm. Today’s random site: Trouper Clerks! Dante meets the DeathStar. And you thought the first one was low-budget.

Hey Kids (and Everyone Else) — Comics!

Helped run the Friends of Lulu booth at Wizard World this weekend. Thanks Greg and Anne for filling out our bizzare trio of not-quite-booth-babes. Saw many cool comics people and read many cool comics. Here are some:

Paradise Valley Comics — Sparky the Dog and Those Kids! These comics are lots of fun. How could they not be when their creator has 3 corgies?

Amy Unbounded — Arrgh! The last issue ends on such a cliff hanger. Amy gets sent to bed before her parents finish their story! So not fair. [Link dead at posting time but I expect it will come back up.]

Shades of Blue — Cause real heroines wear stripy tights.

Little White Mouse — Anne reads about one comic; this is it.

Eternal Romance — This sort of takes the phrase “I give you my heart” to an entirely wrong place.

A Distant Soil — This is a really beautiful comic. Look for Doran’s new work from Vertigo later this year.

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund — The ACLU of comics. And they have cool posters and t-shirts.

Did I mention FoL raised nearly $1000? Yay us!

People not at the con you should read anyway:

Stinz and Desert Peach — What’s wrong with being a centaur in something like WWI Europe or a gay German commander (the brother of the famous Rommel no less) in WW2? Don’t answer that…

Bitchy Bitch and Bitchy Butch — demonstrating some of the most….. expressive breasts I’ve ever seen. Not to mention some … unique? bad days.

Not Available Comics — Stick figures make great comics.

Losing My Religion

More random sites — today’s theme, religion! Nothing controversial about that! Not at all…. Well, if you can use religion to sell hotdogs, some web sites should be down right tame.

1. Celebrity Athiest List

2. Holy Weblog!

3. Killing the Buddah

4. Ship of Fools

5. Church of Virus

Do I endorse these sites? Why are they here? Well, for the same reason any of these sites are here. At some point I bookmarked them and now I’m sharing them with the word. Or at least the three people who read this site :) .

And speaking of a higher authority, now we need more cats. Rate my kitten!


Maybe people like cats becuase they seem to think in poetry. I found a blog written by a cat (well, really Pop Culture Junk Mail found it). The cat says

there is More to life than the window seat
there are many many many places to go
corners to hide in and food to eat
Couches to sit on and Trashcasn to knock over
there is so much more to Life than sitting atthe window and looking out at the world

The blog is here.

OK, it’s not really deep poetry, but come on, it was written by a cat! Can your cats do better?

My cats are sleeping on the stuff scattered around my house which, at some point, I ought to pick up.

Meanwhile, on Metafilter, people are arguing whether its more cruel to keep cats indoors or outdoors. My cats live a savagely underprivledged life of indoor solitude. Sleeping on stuff and getting in fights and playing endlessly with the feather toy.


This is what I’m most afraid of: doing something stupid and thoughtless and somehow causing an incalculable amount of damage. Or maybe I’ve been a lawyer too long.


Not official notice, but my thanks to everyone who came to the BBQ and thanks for the great gifts! My new Obi-Wan is very happy living with Sailor Moon, although he keeps staring at her legs….. (moon jedi power?)

The Unofficial History of Unofficial Histories

Ever needed to know when something that never occurred happened? Try the site of Edgar Govreno, Historian of Things that Never Were. This list of fictional time lines covers an amazing variety of fictional universes, from the obvious to the ridiculous to the sublime.

3 New Links for You!

Or not. Random links from my collection.

1. Kooks’ Museum
I don’t think this has been updated in 3 years but it’s a fun read, or at least what I’ve read is fun. Is it legit? Is there offensive stuff here? Who knows. All I’ve found are strange theses and other documents produced by some of the world’s most …. innovative … minds. Stroll through the Conspiracy Cooridor (did you know there is a plan in the works to transport humans around the globe instantly?) or maybe gaze at the Gallery of the Gods (where you will learn about the saucers that should have landed last year; I must have missed this, probably due to psychic amnesia).

2. Media Whores Online
The liberal what? Yah, right…. Find out who’s been bought and sold, over and over. “The site that set out to bring the media to their knees – but found they were already there.”

3. Think
Don’t know what to get for the geek who has everything? How about caffinated soap? Is your work surface like an alien landscape? Maybe you need a desktop mini-rover. My birthday is coming up. I wouldn’t mind a 17 in. LCD display. At $900, yah right. Just like I’m going to get the Mac on my Amazon wish list.

Well, a girl can dream, right?

Oh! I change my mind! I want Zome!