Le Fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain

[Done ranting now -- too much ranting has given me laryngitis.]

What an amazing film! It was wonderfly quirky without being annoyingly stupid. The characters were — if not exactly anyone’s next door neighbors — loads of fun: the fragile, padded hermit who paints Renoir’s “Le Déjeuner des Canotiers” once a year for twenty years; the hypochondriac tobacconist; the globetrotting garden gnome.

Amélie’s Montemarte is rather idealized — real Paris is reflected only in the album of rejected photo booth prints compiled by the obsessive romantic hero. It’s more comprehensible, more close-knit, and cleaner than the city David Sedaris lives in. After seeing this film, I’m this close to booking a flight so I can linger in Paris’ empty Metro stations, dine in its charming cafes, stroll on its quiet, stone-lined streets. Ah well. Reality dictates otherwise.


Is it me, or does it seem like too many people act like siblings with cake? One child clearly has a bigger piece of cake. It’s got more frosting. It’s got more ice cream center. It clearly the better piece of cake. But another child has a piece of cake with some of the rose on it. So child one starts whining, “but I want the rose toooooooooo!” It does no good to point out his cake is bigger. That he has more frosting. That he has more ice cream. He will not listen. He does not care. All he cares about is that he doesn’t have the rose the other kid has.

Give it up already, guys, leave your brother alone and just eat your fucking cake!


Speaking of library blogs, debg.net is listed in this week’s issue of Library Juice! Maybe I should put some more library stuff here. Here, more library weblogs.

From the Dull Edge of Technology

Fun! Another library blog, The Rockabilly Librarian, brought to you by a hidden link on The Biz. There are so many cool librarian sites out there: librarian.net, Lipstick Librarian, The Rogue Librarian, New Breed Librarian, Library Geek, The Modified Librarian. Makes me wish I were more “edgy” so I could have a cool blog, too. But geek hobbies will take one only so far.

Oh, and good news: as of April 1, I will be a real-live academic law librarian! Yay me!

We All Scream!

A four-year-old is permanently residing in my head. The other day I was at Oberweis buying a sundae. Rocky Road sundaes come in two versions: one scoop and two scoops. I should get a one scoop sundae. I don’t need two scoops and, worse still, I’m never going to finish two scoops. But the four-year-old screams and cries “two scoops! two scoops!” until I’m forced to give in. I take the sundae home, mush it all up (hey, sometimes that four-year-old is right on target) and eat . . . half the sundae. “I’m fulllllll!” whines the four-year-old. I should just learn to ignore her, I guess….

Numbers, I Need Numbers

From the IIT Downtown Campus Libraries site: Statistical Resources on the Web. Looks useful.

The Good Time Place

Boing Boing has a story about a site (almost dead itself) that archives pictures of defunct amusement parks. One park featured on the site is Old Chicago, an enclosed theme park/ shopping mall. The building is now gone.

I went to OC a lot when I was a kid. I was always amazed that I could go to this amusement park any time of year no matter what the weather. OC helped me overcome many of my “ride fears.” By the last time I went (must have been 9 or 10) I could ride anything that spun. I still wasn’t able to do loop-d-loop roller coasters — that would have to wait for a fateful encounter with Great America’s infamous Tidal Wave some years later. But I imagined if I ever could, I would touch the ceiling…

My sister and I had a running competition to see who could attend OC the most times. I think she won.

While researching this entry I came across (but haven’t finished reading) “The Effects of New Technology on Roller Coaster Thrills, Safety and Economics.” I also found more indoor amusement parks such as Ohio’s I-X Indoor Amusement Park. Road trip?

…way, hey, tow them away…

Darn those pirates who towed my friend’s car last week! Even after she had made sure she was parked legally. Just one of the many perks of living in/near Chicago…

Global Communication?

Just resistered at Globe of Blogs. Seems like a neat idea — tracking blogs by geographic location, like Bird on A Wire used to.

Bad Links, No Biscuit

Just realized that the “home” and “links” navigation links on my other pages were broken. Fixed them now. Also, many (i.e. one dozen) people who have come to this site via Google are looking for Tryit Editor v. 1.3 (a program from the w3schools to live-test HTML. The actual TryIt Editor is the first link using that search so I’m not sure what people are expecting to find at debg.net. Welcome anyway! The real TryIt Editor is here. And check out the w3schools tutorials while you’re at it. I’ve found them really helpful.