Unnecessary Randomness

I love NPR/PRI. This American Life, Car Talk, Science Friday, etc. I give them money every year. Often I forget I’ve already donated and wind up writing another check. But no matter how much I give, every few months they come back on the air and start demanding more! more! more! When I buy shareware, it shuts up after I enter the registration number. Why can’t NPR do something like that? I think that would be cool. Click past those pledge drives and go right to the content.

When I was in college, we often wondered what they were doing to the monkeys in the Psych Building. Now we know!

According to memepool, the “think of the kittens” picture has mutated.


I’m always collecting articles about ‘blogging. Found one called The Tipping Blog while reading eatonweb — cool.

Not Fark?

Darn! I thought for sure this picture [not necessarily safe for work, btw] had come from the Photoshoppers at Fark.com! It’s got Domo-kun and cliche kitty! How could it not?

New Blog!

Anne now has her own ‘blog: Anne’s Odd and Assorted Thoughts. Her first entry is a nice invective about some nasty computer problems she’s had with her Gateway laptop. While she’s trying everything to save her hard drive — calling tech support, reformatting her disk, etc — Gateway’s marketing department apparently had the terminity to call her to she how’s she’s getting along with her year-old purchase. Oops! Did she have something to say to them! Apple did something similar to me during my interminable cord crises. I let them know exactly what I thought about certain design elements. And I didn’t even have the hinge problem yet.

Read it and be sure to say happy birthday to her mom!

Nice Kids

Mara wrote this article in the Washington Post about children who gave the money they had been saving for a new playground to the Red Cross for victims of 9/11. If you want to send money to the school, she notes, their address is:

Dillwyn Primary School
Route 1, Box 110
Dillwyn, VA 23936
(434) 983-2861

and the principal’s name is Sharon Wendt.

Talk about planned obsolescence!

Yay! My friend Jason fixed the hinge problem on my PowerBook G3! After 18 months of use, the original hinges were completely shot. Now they’ve been replaced and I don’t suffer from floppy screen syndrome. Still got that darned power cord issue, though. (5 cords so far — argh! – I got two for free from Apple but now I’m past the warranty. Darn.) Beyond that, I love my G3 and I’m almost used to OS X…. (twice the features at half the speed!)

OS X-10

Missed this on /. but found it on genehack: My Very Secret MacOSX Diary. Seems the guy was having some of the same issues I did, many of which were solved with the excellent Mac OS Solutions Guidebook. Very worth the $10 shareware fee I haven’t yet paid… [3/11/02 --paid now ]

Who needs to post?

I see it’s been a while since I’ve posted. What’s been wasting all my time? Why, Literari ™, of course! It’s like Scrabble but the cat can’t knock over your tiles. Coerce up to four other friends to play with you at once. Or play with people you don’t know who use questionable aliases like “myhotck”. It’s just like being in college all over again (homework or game — ah, library’s closed anyway). Thanks, Anne… (I’ll get you back somehow!)

URL Extravaganza

I want to connect to a non-airport wireless w/ my mac. Maybe this O’Reilly article will help.

Maybe MacReporter would be cool to have.
From Mr. Barrett

More URLs, right?

Election season is coming up:
2002 Illinois Election Information

More search engines:
Vivisimo.com looks like it might be a viable alternative to the now for-pay NorthernLight.com
IxQuick.com is another metaseach engine which can search something like 14 search engines for general info, news, mp3s, and pictures. It rates its findings using a star system — this is a nice feature. What do the stars mean? “Ixquick awards one star for each search engine that placed a site in its top ten. Since different search engines value different content, a site that appears in multiple top ten lists is likely to be very pertinent!” I suppose that’s true.

Getting a lot of questions about economic statistics:
US Economy at A Glance
via What’s GNU?

According to usr/bin/girl if I go here I’ll find instructions telling me how to make a Mac out of paper! (Other things too, apparenly, like airplanes and cows….)

Mr. Barrett uses MenuCalendar to keep track of the date now that OS X has, for some reason, made this more difficult. Looks like a cute little program.

Opine Bovine discovered a site that offers free legal advice. As always, people should be pretty cautious about using legal advice from the internet. That said, this site looks like a good place to go to get some basic answers to legal questions. Advice is presented in a helpful “FAQ” format. While navigation is easy, the advice I looked at used legal terminology which might confuse non-lawyers.