Thanks, Nancy! “What do you

Thanks, Nancy!

“What do you mean, they don’t work?” He had wand and everything! Too bad.

In Between Reference Questions

From Rebecca’s Pocket:

1. They Have a Word for it Words in other languages for which there is no English equivalent

2. A Delaware Legal Weblog In case you want to keep up with Delaware law.

From Mr. Barrett:

OS X Installation Tips I should probably follow these and reinstall the system. Later …

URLs found while working …

URLs found while working …

Strange Billboards
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Son of URLs, oh, whatever….

Son of URLs, oh, whatever….

I want to look at these again:
Some trends
Professional Publications
Interim Report of the University of Dayton School of Law Mead Data Central Joint Committee to Study Computer Technology in Legal Education


Are there law libraries wholly reliant on print?

How far will information responsibility be expected to extend?

Is there a high turn-over of primary and secondary educators?

Will libraries be central to the creation of a law school community?

Can the library be used to discuss some of the cultural aspects of becoming a lawyer?

Internet Legal Resource Guide
Via: 60 Sites in 60 Minutes
There is a bunch more useful stuff on that site as well.

Updates on Blogs, Training, and Legal Portals
A [newer] column from the person who wrote about weblogs on LLRX in Oct. (I suppose we should forgive the “voyeuristic” comment)
From that column (directly or indirectly)
LawMeme (law student weblog)
Library TechLog (eponymous)

URLs Found at Work

I’ve been asked to come back for a second interview at a law libary. However, they have asked me to make a 15 minute presentation on “Training the lawyer of the
future – the librarian’s role”. Urk! So, some things I think I’ll look at:

Law Librarians in the 21st C
Academic Law Libraries as a Career
The impact of computers and other advanced technologies on the law school curriculum
V. The law library — the legal information center of the future
The Journal of Law School Computing
Journal of Law and Education
The Librarian’s Place in the Life of the Summer Associate

To Add to My (small) Collection of Law-Related Weblogs
Law and Everything Else

Must Read WWW

DNA Fingerprinting of non-genomic organisms

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ULRs Found at Work

I think I already have this link somewhere, but the Museum of Online Museums strkes me as quite useful.
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Something to read later: Object Oriented Publishing
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A Yahoo Groups law library list: NewLawLib

Lots today. A new article for my computer-preservation collection: For the Love of Machines
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Directory of Corporate Archives
For Nancy: Biblical Images
Carrol’s GovSearch
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Apropos of nothing, why are Blogger shortcuts not available on my Mac?

URLs Found at Work

I’ll have to explore Warrior Librarians Weekly when I’m feeling better.
More Job Stuff

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For some reason, I feel the need to pass this around to my friends: Goth Pick Up Lines
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Random Quotes

Lines I’ll have to use someday:

“Say, do you like bribes?” — Cordelia

Yah, I’m such a geek, but she said it with such earnestness . . . .

Separated at Birth?

Al Gore

William Riker

Is the beard an attempt to increase his popularity with Trekkies?