After Mumbai

If first saw the announcements on Twitter, posted by BreakingNewsOn. For a while, it seemed that only Twitter knew about the attacks, but news slowly started to appear elsewhere after awhile. Over the next few days, Twitter remained one of my primary sources of information, some of it accurate, a lot of it wrong, but no more so than what was reported on the major news sites.

The attacks are over, but the aftermath will continue for a while. Some useful links I’ve come across include:

Mumbai Metablogs


Mumbai Help – Information for emergencies in the Bombay area(a longstanding blog)

Wikipedia’s response.

It Died?

The Internet is notoriously unstable, especially now. We’re all tied into all kinds of hosted services, from wikis on Google to photos on Flickr. Any of those can be shut down at any time, sometimes with little warning. It Died is a new a blog tracking the dead parts of the Internet. RIP Yahoo Live, MSN Groups, and Google Lively. And that’s just the first month.

What was once the future

A guy in Australia has amassed a giant collection of obsolete computer technology – everything from PDP11s to an Altair to almost modern Macs.

Every Episode of ‘House’ Ever

This week: House seems to have the diagnosis all worked out until the patient poops a lung.

Meanwhile, Polite Dissent has the medical lowdown.

Time for a (idoeologically rooted) civics quiz

How well can you do on this Civics Quiz? I did pretty well, better than average, and would have got another question right if I were paying attention. But I clearly don’t know much about (right wing theories of) economics. Apparently, many elected officials scored pretty badly. But is that a big problem, or is it a problem only for certain questions? Does it matter if we can’t pass a slanted test, or does the quiz still reflect what we should know?

Are You A Young’un

Take the Mosquito Tone Test and find out. I am not a Young’un.

Don’t blame the turkey

Why are we sleepy after a big Thanksgiving meal? It’s not the turkey. Sorry – try alcohol, a long day, or all the carbs.

I suspect there are better role models

But if Sheldon is your fashion inspiration, here’s where you can get his shirts.

The internet is running out of links?

Today’s link is just a math joke for Seth.