Not yet done Peeping

Polite Dissent presents: The Uncanny X-Peeps.

Let’s see. you wouldn’t want to eat the White Queen Peep because she’d use her telepathy to make you only think you’d eaten her. Or she’d just use her new diamond skin (still trying to figure that one out). Ouch. Wolverpeep, well, adamantium marshmallow and all that. Double ouch. Nightpeepcrawler would probably taste like sulfur. I suppose you could eat Cypeepclops and he’d only whine about it. The bones from Angel Peep would stick in your throat. Storm Peep would hit your stomach with lightening. Professor Peep Xavier would turn your mind to mush. And I don’t even want to consider eating Peep Phoenix because I’d just bet she’d go all Dark Peep Phoenix somewhere in your small intestine and then the universe would be destroyed.

Behind the Organic is the Big

Just because food is organic does not mean it’s independent. Naked Juice is Pepsi and Odwalla is Coke. Kashi may travel the world looking for whatever it is they are looking for, but they return to Kellogg in the end. And Heinz owns quite a few organic companies, like Earth’s Best (and makes its own organic products). So are big corps trying to be good, or just cash in on consumers trying to be conscientious?

The Peepest Time of the Year

The Washington Post ran its second (hopefully annual) Peeps Show. It’s art you can appreciate on many levels. View, ponder, then eat.

Return to the 4077

I’m basking in warmer sun for the moment. The weather is great, but internet access is limited. I have lots of links to share when I get back. Meanwhile, here’s one just for Dana: Where Are They Now: The cast of M*A*S*H.

The Power of the Blog

The Guardian released a list of the 50 most powerful blogs. Many are not surprising, but it includes some interesting choices, especially in the top 10:

Boing Boing — certainly a powerful blog, but I’d be surprised if it’s the second most powerful in the world.

Dooce — once fired for blogging, she now writes mostly about her preschooler or her dogs, with the occasional bit about Utah. It’s certainly popular.

Icanhascheezburger — behold the power of the LOLcat.

There are also some interesting omissions, like, say, Daily Kos, Fark, and Feministing.

Happy 20th Birthday 3.14159265358979323846 Day

Happy 20th Birthday, Pi Day. Coincidently, that’s the number of digits of pi I memorized for no apparent reason. And yes, of course, you know 50.

This blogger has some fun ideas about how to celebrate the day:

Write a poem following the “rule” of pi. For those of you belonging to a “cult”, you might try this instead of the more common haiku. It’s:

1 word three letters long
1 word 1 letter long
1 word 4 letters long
1 word 1 letter long
1 word 5 letters long, and so on.

And I said: a weird marsupial is moving among the green treetops.

Um. Maybe some of you will be better at this.



Guess I don’t need to know that any more

I’m looking for ways to declutter. I’m going to start by clearing out all of these obsolete skills from my brain. But does anyone know of a place I can take them to recycle?

Clearing up misconceptions

Top 15 Misconceptions about Evolution – 14 is a biggie for me — evolution is not about realizing some kind of organic master plan. Either you can survive in your own environment, or someone else does it better. That’s it.

What Social Media Isn’t – 10 Misconceptions: It’s not easy, fast, a substitute for a website, something your interns should be doing, or a system for achieving instant popularity.


Top 5 Misconceptions about Dungeons & Dragons:

You learn about as much about “real life” magic from a D&D game as you do about aquatic life from watching Spongebob Squarepants.

I think I’ve been watching Spongebob for all the wrong reasons.

Dispelling 8 Misconceptions of Organization: or, “good luck with that!” Even correct conceptions about organization are difficult to implement.

Six misconceptions that appear in literature about vaccination: and let’s add “vaccines lead to high rates of autism” to this.

Seven Common Misconceptions About Atheism. I kind of agree with “Atheism implies life is absurd.” Life is often pretty absurd (especially with 4 cats and a toddler) but that’s okay. Absurd keeps us on our toes.

Life with cats (part 1, part 2, interlude)

Two videos and a song about living with house cats:

Wake up Cat

Let Me In

Thomas Cat

Meow. I think I need to feed someone or perhaps investigate a hair ball.

Guess he rolled a 1

Geeks on the death of one of their own:

Order of the Stick

Something Positive

Wil Wheaton

DnD kitteh morns loss of Gary Gygax

Seth was more terse: “Another one bites the dust :(