Turducken is for wimps

Real cooks are making the True Love Rost: It serves 125, takes eight hours to cook and is stuffed with 12 different birds (one for each of the 12 Days of Christmas). That’s a lot of meat. 50,000 calories worth of meat.

Fun geek toy of the day: Desktop fabricator

For about a tenth the cost of an industrial one, you can assemble your own desktop fabricator, kind of like a printer which can make 3D objects. Generally, you’ll use silicone, but it can also make objects out of chocolate. And Play-Dough. Also chocolate.

Get this song out of my head

The Portal end song, Still Alive, is cute and all, but it needs to go home now. Blame Seth.

“We do what we must because we can.” Hee.

Online Doodle Board

Crayola has a fun online drawing program. Color with pencils, markers, paints, crayons (of course), even stamps. The crayons come in a huge range of colors. Some of the other tools’ palettes are more limited, but they are still fun.

Urban Wonders

Cities have wondrous streets. Here 7 of the most amazing. Long streets, snaky streets, wide streets, narrow streets, and streets I hope I never need to drive on.

Another link stolen from The Presurfer.

Pi is everything

A fun pi post on Metafilter today. Pi is infinite, so theoretically every number ever might be represented — even those numbers that make up text, media, and application files. Do the digits of pi hold everything? No. But you can probably at least find your birthday.

Dana, post your score

I only got about 200 points on my first attempt, but scored over 600 on my second. I’ve never even heard of most of these shows. But if you’re a TV aficionado, try the Name That Theme Song Game.

10 Doctors (take 20 aspirin and call me in my next life)

Our power went out last night, so yesterday was the first day I didn’t post in more than a month. And we lost part of the season finale of Torchwood, too. While I try to locate a copy, I’ll read The 10 Doctors, a cute, very long, and still unfinished fanfic comic featuring all of the Doctors, most of the companions, nearly every single major enemy, and a huge cast of secondary characters I’d totally forgotten about (does anyone remember the Meddling Monk?). Also the Rani.

Learn it on the web

I’ll need to explore this more: A Big List of Sites That Teach You How To Do Stuff

The web is full of more general interest sites that give quality instruction on all sorts of fun and useful projects. Including, sometimes, how to build a deck or bake a cake.

Includes how to charge an iPod with an onion. Did anyone find anything actually useful?

A matter of perspective

Step Behind the Scenes and see how our eyes are made to fool us.

Via The Presurfer