The Still Eye

52 Influential Photographs: From Man Ray to LOLcats, this collection is amazing. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and if you click the link for the Internet’s most famous image, you’ll need to scrub your brain.

From Metafilter.

Never had to knock on wood

Respectful Insolence’s analysis of NYT’s recent article on cancer choices. The premise of the article is mostly sound (e.g. choices aren’t consistent across geographic boundaries) but the focus case is too extreme to illustrate the point of the article.

Dear Internet Searchers

Dear Internet Searchers:

I hope you found what you are looking for on my site. Most of the time, I’m not so sure. Recent keywords/phrases have included:

  • “cool condom games” — apparently, I’m the only person on the internet to have ever used this phrase.
  • kitty/emma nc 17 — Gracious, no you will not find that here! I like Kitty too well to pair her with someone like Ms. Frost.
  • debbie — I can’t imagine how many results down I was on that one.
  • how much for giant hamster ball that you can roll around in — I wish I knew. I’d put it in the back yard and stick the kid in it while I weed.
  • spurlock mcgurgles — for some reason, the most popular search for this site.

When you can’t trust Wikipedia

When you can’t trust Wikipedia, try Wookieepedia. No one would dare to try to edit their pages.

From Borgknight.

The only thing missing: actual powers

Someone has managed to find 10 Real-life Superheroes (masks, capes and all). They fight crime (when they can find it), protect the helpless, and remove pesky Denver boots.


A debate I’d almost watch


I was really hoping this would be a debate about which outlet delivers a product most actually resembling anything like the news. No such luck.

Imagining the future in the past and the future

Unpacking the Zeitgeist tries to explain spam in World of Warcraft to someone living in 1977. Or maybe just your typical adult in 2007, it could work either way.

It’s an exercise I’ve pondered quite a bit — what would someone from, say, 1950 (or even 1750) think of the 21st century? Would the Internet make any sense? Cell phones? The iPod? Almost everything I’m doing right now would be confusing. I’m IMing my friends while blogging while surfing the internet while recharging my cell phone while thinking of playing Carcassonne on the X-Box 360.

Will 2037 seem just as strange?

Last chance

Tomorrow in Oak Park there will be a huge Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Release Party. My book is being sent via Amazon. Will I be able to finish before learning any spoilers?

Brains are weird

Here are nine brain quirks you didn’t realize you had.

Good bye, Obnoxious, Rude, and Arrogant Computer

The voice of ORAC has died (second best character on Blake’s 7).