Return of puppy cam

I’m sure I’ve got some good links hanging around someplace, but until I can dig them out, have some puppies.

A matter of some debate

These questions are harder than they look:

  • A tree seed starts very small, but where does all of the stuff that makes wood for chairs and tables come from?
  • Can you make a bulb light with just a battery and a single wire?
  • Why is it hotter in summer?
  • Draw a picture of the solar system. What shape are the planets’ orbits?

Answers in Jonathan Drori’s TED video (though some would debate even his answers – science is fun).

And a link since no one believes me when I tell them the answer to the 4th question.

Ten gadgets for 10 years

Endgadget has compiled a nice list of the Ten gadgets that defined the decade (yes, I know the decade actually ends at the end of this year, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping anyone). It was kind of fun to find that I had at least some version of almost every item on it. I guess I know my gadgets.

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I’ll take Blogging for $800, Alex

Answer: You get your own question in Jeopardy.

Question: How do you know that you’ve reached the pinnacle of blogging success?

Productive procrastination?

I wrote this essay as a way of not completing another, more pressing task.

Am I being productive by reading this essay on Productivity and Procrastination, or am I putting off other tasks (going to bed, figuring out holiday gifts, dishes, clean up, petting cats, laundry, etc.)?

The NYT reviews books?

Missed this one: last month, the New York Times reviewed my friend Mara’s new children’s book:

“The Busiest Street in Town” is a fable, the story of a grandmotherly woman, Agatha May Walker, who wants to take gingersnap cookies to her friend Eulalie but cannot get across a street swollen with trucks and cars. We see her standing amid exhaust fumes — “Slow Down!” she yells — like King Xerxes telling his men to flog the Hellespont.

Wow, that’s just what I thought when reading the book – just like King Xerxes! (No, wait, that’s not what I thought at all. King Xerxes was the last thing on my mind. I guess I’m not as erudite as a NYT book reviewer).

Here’s David’s review: “Read it again!” He didn’t mention Xerxes at all.

Cute but Evil

Trying to catch up on the Internet, which means that all I have today is a cat story: 6 Adorable Cat Behaviors With Shockingly Evil Explanations.

Good kitty.