Today is “No” day

No more Miers

No World Series game today (yay Sox but next year Cubs!)

No Fitzmas today. Tomorrow?

What I want for Chirstmas

Or at least, what I wanted in the 70s and 80s. Dana and I probably had a good third of these toys. Some I hadn’t heard of, but I couldn’t figure out why until I got to the part of the list featuring “Cluedo” — the English version of Clue. That also explained all the Dr. Who toys. Anyway, most of these toys are quite awesome and I hope kids today still play with them.

Here! Diagonally!

Things that are important

Hurricane Wilma is bearing down on Florida, but before we evacuate the state, we need to play some football.

Moving the game to this Friday night will enable emergency personnel and others in the South Florida community to focus on preparing for the approach of Hurricane Wilma.

Cause otherwise everyone would stay home and watch the game.


My floor just got cold.

2 pi r 4 u

Pi song
Pi joke

Squirrel Girl

For all your rodent needs, Metafilter brings us many squirrel hacks. Includes Whee! and the funniest story ever from This American Life.

“Unauthorized Reproduction” – not coming to a state near you

Many years ago Indiana tried to decree that pi=3.2. Now they want to decide who can reproduce using assisted reproduction based on some random set of criteria. Such wonderfully fantastic ideas! Fortunately, none of these winners seem to be going anywhere .

“The issue has become more complex than anticipated.” You think?

Who is this woman?

I’m still not sure who Harriet Miers is, but the wiki article is helpful. Especially this quote: “According to an article in Salon magazine on October 3, 2005, Miers has called Bush ‘the most brilliant man I have ever met.’”

I think someone needs to get out more.

Who are these people?

I don’t know if I’ll see Neil Gaiman’s and Dave McKean’s Mirrormask in the theaters — maybe I’ll get it on DVD. The critics seem to think the movie is beautiful but the visuals don’t quite tell a compelling story. Whatever the movie was trying to do, obviously some viewers took to it more than others. However, quality asie, few of the critics seem to know who Gaiman and McKean are, or if they know, they try to hide it.

Neil Gaiman wrote DCs Sandman series in the late 80s and early 90s. Dave McKean drew the covers. This series is often considered one of the greatest of all time. Since then, both Gaiman and McKean have worked on all kinds of projects, some together, some separately. Gaiman has written many novels, for example, including his latest, Anansi Boys (which I just bought but Seth appropriated it).

I haven’t read every review, but I clicked on quite a few to see what they’d say about the pair’s most well-known collaboration. Most of them left Sandman out entirely. Very few used the dreaded term “comic book”. Some referred to Sandman as a graphic novel. Actually, Sandman is a series of graphic novels. But at first, Sandman was a comic book. A monthly comic book. Like Superman. Like the X-Men. With staples and advertisements and issue numbers and everything. But apparently, that Sandman was a comic book, or even the fact that Sandman existed, seems to be too shameful to include in these movie reviews.

The attempts to hide the nature of the pair’s association gets so convoluted that one reviewer refers to Gaiman as a great “graphic artist”. Um, no. I’ve seen his art. It isn’t very good. His writing, on the other hand, can be quite astounding. Especially his comic book writing.

One form of pop entertainment eschewing another. Ah, why should I be surprised?

Some wikis work better than others

Congress Abandons WikiConstitution