Preparing for the holiday

Don’t have any idea what to get everyone for Christmas? Fortunately, the web can offer lots of help. Your family will thank you for their awesome gifts, then ask you to fix their computer.

Google makes everything easier

Google can handle your email, phone, documents, pictures, and calendar. And now Google will even send out a holiday card for you. Bonus Google feature: it also searches the web.

Via The J-Walk Blog

I guess they won’t need to send any wedding announcements

I’m part of a couple who met on the Internet, but even I find today’s courtship rituals a bit strange. I can see how proposing on Twitter might work, and even updating your relationship status in Facebook sometime during your wedding. But maybe not right at the altar? I mean, most of your Facebook friends are probably sitting right there watching you (or maybe on a webcam) – they already know you’re married.

Blogo (not Blago)

I have a new blog editor – Blogo. I don’t like using online editors. For one thing, it’s harder to make backups of my posts. Second, I don’t want to switch between tabs when I’m blogging about something on the web.

I saw Blogo mentioned around on various blogs and thought I’d give it try. I really like its interface – it’s very clean. But what I’m really having fun with is its dropbox. I can put pretty much anything in it – YouTube videos, pictures, etc. – and they are instantly added to my post.

There are some features I would like to see, maybe in future releases:
1. Up until this post, Blogo didn’t post my categories correctly. This is why most of my last posts are categorized “Internet”. Maybe this works only in registered versions?
2. Blogo can handle multiple blogging platforms, including Twitter, and even multiple accounts. But it wont let me Twitter and blog at the same time.
3. Livejournal support would be nice.
4. I might be missing something, but it looks like I can only edit one new post at a time.

Blogo is $25, but you can try it free for 21 days. Mac only.

Last day of the month link dump

Looks like I’ve done it – I’ve posted every day this month.  For my final November post, some random links in my Firefox tabs:  Don’t know everything there is to know about Twitter?  Now you do. Once you’ve learned all about Twitter, check out 17 Things Worth Knowing about Your Cat.  18: your cat is a carnivore – but will she eat artificial meat?  She might be a bit surprised to find vat-grown kitty kibble in her dish.

No more boring presents

Why give someone just an ordinary wallet this year when you could be giving them one of these geek-inspired wallets? Via the Presurfer.

Fast internet connection = one link (but feeling a little guilty)

I’m kind of tired after a long car trip.   Thanksgiving was very good, and now I’m feeling fairly thankful.  I’m especially thankful that I have access to wireless, high-speed Internet again.  Abbie the Cat is also thankful, but in his own way:

and there’s a lot of other things to thank
and I Bet you have a few in your life too
so think about that for a bit
and then you can take a Nap because I know I will

Slow internet connection = single link

Just a short bit today – check out these Russian doll measuring cups.

Thanksgiving Reading

From the Law Librarian Blog: Historical Thanksgiving Proclamations.

Too stuffed full of turkey to read?  Then find a good chair and sit back and listen to a story about what happened when FDR tried to move Thanksgiving.  Not his most popular decision.  The politics will sound oddly familiar.

What the Internet wants you to know

If there’s one thing the Internet is obsessed with, it’s How To Use An Apostrophe. Hope this helps.