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Links via the iPad

Some posts from the iPad:

Need a Mary Sue fix? Metafilter has a fun discussion.

How many already existing services did Apple challenge yesterday? A lot.

I’ve been playing with a beta app called Show Me – make your own videos in just minutes:

Goodies from some Chrome tabs

Medicare is going bankrupt (and has been since 1969 – hasn’t seemed to get there just yet)

Michigander salutes his father, who fought during the Civil War – that’s amazing

What’s on TV this summer? Torchwood!

It won’t help, but I understand where the guy is coming from.

Stuff Seth needs to know about

Random things I found Google Reader I thought Seth should know about:

“That thing I said? I didn’t say it. And if you say I said it, you’re a liar.”

Anyone need an iPod Touch? This would be a better promo if it offered an iPad 2 instead.

Thunder, thunder, thunder, Thunder Cats HOOOOOOO! (x2)

Friday links

Just 2 today:

XKCD has a Radiation Chart Update.

I can’t figure out why anyone would think that someone would fly an American flag at half-staff to honor OBL, but yup, that happened.

Oh, hi, there’s a blog here

It’s a quiet Saturday which calls for a few quiet links:

  • Easter was last week, but it’s never too late to enjoy Peep dioramas and Easter eggs (via JML).
  • Speaking of recent events, more Shiba Inu puppies were born a couple of weeks ago, meaning the puppy cam is back. More 24/7 cute than anyone can handle!
  • If you find your quiet Saturdays are often interrupted by zombies,this might be the house for you (via GeekPress).

Facinating time lapse video

I like time lapse videos and was particularly drawn to this one of a woman with HIV/AIDS (on Boing Boing).

Guess what day it is?

Apparently, it’s Pi Day again. We had apple pi(e). Let’s see what the rest of the Internet did:

Boing Boing had lots of fun with a spherical pie (mine was merely pi(e)-shaped), a pi joke, and some great ways you could (well, could have) celebrate(d) Pi Day.

Over at Chicagoist, Pi Day is a great day for $3.14 deals and a also a Sesame Street classic about a pickle pie.

It looks like at least some people at Slashdot took the day off to groove to the pi music. Metafilter has even more pi songs.

But that contrarian J-Walk, he posted a video of the brilliant Vi Hart explaining why pi is all wrong. Should we be celebrating Tau Day on 6/28 instead? And what do you eat for Tau Day, anyway?

Entanglement – a great use of 10 minutes

Google wants everything from me, including my time, apparently. I found a link to a quick, fun puzzle game called Entanglement in Chrome when I opened it up today. It’s a fun game, Google, but you should know it takes away from the time I spend actually Googling things.

What is that? Kids try to figure out old gadgets

Bonus: In French

Cooking by and for and with geeks

I recently got Cooking For Geeks for Christmas. It’s a fun read and I’m learning a lot, but it’s definitely written with geeks in mind – the explanations can go on a bit and it assumes a lot more technical ability than I actually have (as in “ability to solder your own electronics” and not “ability to use a stove”).

There’s a blog, of course, with more info along the same lines. A typical entry provides hints to prepare a Thanksgiving turkey in just 15 minutes. But apparently to be a successful turkey chef, you need to cook the breasts sous vide, which you can do by either buying your own sous vide cooker (at $449 – yikes) or you can hack your existing slow cooker, which I would think would take far longer than 15 minutes.