The friendly, edible confines

Of Peeply Field. Go, Peeps, Go! What happens to the infield fly rule when you can eat the pitcher?

So Long

Found on the Web has found a Frank Lloyd Wright blog, Wright in Chicagoland. Neat! First thing I learned there is that the Wright house down the street is up for auction. Starting bid is an affordable $750,000 (cough).

The blog has a picture of the house I lived in when I was in high school, but I don’t see any entries about it, yet.

Hey, look! Being married got me in the paper.

The Trib interviewed me about my dress. The real paper has pictures and everything. On the other hand, it’s not a good idea to be interviewed after watching Buffy:

“I’m not into the whole dress-shopping thing. Something meaningful is more important than something fashionable,” said Ginsberg.

Gah, I sound 16 or something.

Do we care?

Sosa leaves the Cubs. They’ll find a way to lose without him, I’m sure. We’re playing his salary?

What would you do?

You’re driving down Lower Wacker Drive. You see a strange-looking vehicle. Do you:

a. Ignore it

b. Call the police

c. Speed up and ram the vehicle because clearly it must be an alien attack ship?

Apparently, the answer is “c”:

During the filming of a scene [from the new Batman movie], “a regular civilian guy” (read: non-famous person from a flyover state) crashed into the Batmobile after jamming on the gas pedal due to the mistaken belief that “aliens had landed.”

Gotta love the city sometimes.

More Preparation

So I went to the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners site to learn who all our candidates were (no surprises) and to see if there were any referenda we should know about. One that apparently will be on all ballots reads:

Shall the Illinois State Government provide adequate funding for comprehensive and appropriate substance abuse treatment for any Illinois state resident requesting services from a licensed provider, community-based organization, or medical care facility within the state?

I wasn’t sure what this was about, but Chicagoist was able to explain:

The referendum is non-binding (read worthless), but, as the coalition members are hoping, it could send a message to the Illinois government or at least serve as ammunition for lobbying efforts. The referendum’s supporters say it will be a preventative measure that will save costs from “reduced worker productivity, unemployment, court and criminal costs, victimization, childcare bills, expensive emergency room visits, and lifelong attention to infants born with fetal alcohol syndrome or affected by prenatal exposure to illicit drugs.

Chicagoist thinks this referendum could lead to better treatment for those with drug problems instead of incarceration. Sounds good to me. More information about this coalition at this website.

Getting local info

It’s stupid of me to wait until the last second to really research local elections, so please forgive me. I’m finding some interesting information over at Chicagoist and ArchPundit. If you’re looking for recommendations on judicial voting, you may want to try the Chicago Council of Lawyers, but there are others.

One of the issues on our local ballot will be the expansion of Lake Shore Drive through our neighborhood. Now, on the one hand, getting to and from this area of the city is a pain in the butt — it takes at least an hour to drive our friends’ houses in the western suburbs. However, I have a feeling that any expansion may go right through our house — that would be kind of problematic. I haven’t yet seen a lot on the pro side, but the anti side has been pretty active. The have a website and are encouraging us to vote “No” to the Lakefront Referendum.

Somebody’s watching me

Chris finds this over at Slashdot:

Mayor outlines elaborate camera network for city

“Thousands of surveillance cameras will be linked — and authorities will be alerted to crimes and terrorist acts.”

One of these occurs in Chicago all the time, and will continue to occur whether we have cameras or not. The other is more … theoretical. I’m not saying it can’t happen, but I’m not sure it should be the primary concern. I dunno. I guess I can see the need for some cameras but 2000?

Anyway, I’m glad our schools now have enough money and we can lower our taxes no wait…. I know, we’ll use the money we saved by destroying Meigs!.

On the Red Line

I use the Metra more than the CTA, but if I used the El, I’d be taking the Red Line. I wonder what I’m missing (other than a much longer commute)? I guess I can check with the CTA Tattler (a neat little weblog chronicling the weirdness that is Chicago public transportation).

A work friend reports that she was heading north on the Red Line on a Saturday afternoon, when suddenly, the train stopped north of Grand, and the power was cut.

“An unauthorized person is on the tracks,” droned the conductor. “I’m sorry, I don’t know when we’ll be moving.”

Ah, I see. I’m missing a lot of pointless delays. I think I’ll stick with the Metra!

Metra temporarily paralyzed

By a terrorist hamster! Squeak!