Current Events

Today’s speech

Dear David and Rory -

I hope you paid close attention to today’s radical speech from President Obama advising students to work hard, discover what they are good at, stay in school, and start new businesses. For it had a secret message that only the most extreme leftists would pick up on, one that is important for you both – that if you are smart, get good grades, and are sufficiently motivated, someday you might go to Brown University. And that’s a goal we can all stand behind.

A typical day?

I guess my day normally looks like this, but on maternity leave, I’ve pretty much got “feeding baby”, “sleeping”, “eating”, “changing baby”, “entertaining baby”, and “charging iPhone.”

Mustard PSA

The Mustard Museum, home of the world’s largest collection of mustard, is moving from Mount Horeb to Middleton. I know where Mount Horeb is, but where is Middleton?

Via J-Walk.

Peep day!

I’m beginning to think that there’s more space on the Internet devoted to Peeps than I had ever suspected. And has for many years — this Peep research site is over 10 years old.

This year, many newspapers held great Peep diorama contests, including the Trib (here are the winners). However, I always like the Washington Post’s, even if many of this year’s featured scenes are a bit… gruesome. (If the WP site bugs you for a password, try here.)

One two three four GO – Peep Titans!

Want to try making your own?

Of course, I still like Peeps in the Library.

The madness is over

March madness is over for another year. Did your bracket do as well as this guy’s?

Anything going on today?

I see the web has been busy.

The Peepiest time of year

Let the annual Peep blogging begin: The Peep Factory

Happy New Year

Now go jump in the lake.

That’s some aftershock

Earthquakes are amazing. Apparently, they can cause aftershocks years later. How many years? In some cases, hundreds of years.