What’s worse than a song stuck in your head?

A game you can’t stop playing. Welcome to Chain Factor.

Get this song out of my head

The Portal end song, Still Alive, is cute and all, but it needs to go home now. Blame Seth.

“We do what we must because we can.” Hee.

It’s Scrabulous!

Does the world need another Scrabble clone? If you think so, try Scrabulous. I’ve been having a lot of fun playing it through Facebook, where games are so casual players can take days to play a turn — it’s best to have a few boards going at once.


FreeRice: test your vocabulary and win rice for people who need it. It’s kind of addicting and strangely compelling.

The game’s mission is framed strangely — as a benefit to the player first, then a benefit to people who receive the rice. The game generates ad revenue which is used to feed people, which is a nice way to provide needed food, but it shouldn’t be like this. There’s pretty much no good reason why anyone should be without food — there’s a lot of people, sure, but also a lot of food. And I bet it wouldn’t be hard to trace how some of the advertisers’ business practices deny more people food than this game will generate. And while rice is a great staple, many diets in the world, in developed and undeveloped economies, need more variety. Is there a secret level which provides protein, vegetables, and fruit?

Still, the game provides food. It builds your vocabulary. Play away! Via Ann F. and many blogs.

Fun with Reference

More games from Metafilter. Carnegie Mellon Libraries have created a couple of library arcade games. The shelving one is about what you’d expect – find the correct LC location, shelve, repeat. The reference one is pretty fun.

If you want to know more about gaming in libraries, there’s a Ning group (of course).


Can you spot the 5 differences between the two pictures? It’s kind of tricky. Two hints (rendered in invisa-text; highlight to read):

1. There is an end.
2. If you can do the Magic Eye trick, I’m told this is easy. I can’t.
3. Clicking randomly works.

Via Metafilter

Beginning of the week links

Found these in my tabs:

Bloxorz: a nice little geometric-based game. Sounds easy enough: get the block in the hole, and don’t let it fall of the sides.

MetaFilter discusses Famous First Words in pop music (as well as some infamous ones).

This Ask MetaFilter question, Marriott ruined our wedding night!, has some pretty good advice on how to approach service industries who do not perform. Best idea: be sure, when asking for compensation, to ask for somethings specific and reasonable (that is, “We’d like 50% off or our bill” works better than “We’d like free service for life” or “Someone Must Pay!”).

How to Store Your Food So It Lasts Longer: turns out you can store your bananas in the fridge.

A. Whitney Brown advices his nephew to not enlist in the Air Force. A reminder that the media has been, over the last few decades, very quiet about how our country actually uses its military forces and who we have killed.

I’m totally sure you need a new game

Say good bye to your free time: introducing WordBreaker. Can the computer guess your secret word before you guess the computer’s?

Do we get virtual wedding cake?

There are starter marriages, and now there are virtual marriages.

A quick game: Loose The Moose

Games like Loose The Moose remind me of those old text games from the 80s — pick up Object X and use it for Action Y, turn left, avoid the wumpus. And I’m just as good at these new versions as I was at those text games (“I have a towel. I hope someone tells me what I’m supposed to do with it.”)