Sims playing Sims playing Sims…

In Sims II, your little people can play Sims I. Can the Sims I people play SimCity? Can the SimCity citizens play SimAnt? Can the SimAnts play SimEarth? Just wondering.

Just how mean can you be to virtual people who talk only in icons?

Pretty mean, as it turns out.

First, place two of them in a little room with only one chair, a non-working fireplace, a clown painting, and no light. Take away the door. After a while, they get really distressed.

At that point, give them fire. Hilarity ensues! If you play your cards right, you could kill the entire neighborhood.

From Bubbles to Boggle

I’d seen this around and finally decided to try it out. Turns out, WeBoggle is a lot of fun! Play Boggle against other people on the web. Simple and elegant (but the dictionary isn’t as large as Scrabble’s).

Some of you may be bored

Stop surfing and start playing with Bubbles.

Watch out for the psychedelic ones!

Hey Geek Gamer Girls!

Want a job?

• Play and promote games online via Xbox Live, PS Online, and PCs
• Compete in online tournaments representing Ubisoft
• Write detailed reports
• Make public appearances to support titles

Seems like it could be cool. Too bad they’re only looking for PC/console gamers. Also, I wonder if this ad is Title 7 compliant.

I play Scrabble way too much

So I think I’ve had all of these awful Scrabble hands at least once just in the last week alone.

Mandala — another net toy!

Mandala is another one of those Spirograph-like things. The interface is pretty simple but you can create some neat looking pictures. Yes, it’s in Hungarian but it has only three controls to figure out. So play with the neat toy and learn a new language!

Pisk Pisk Pisk!

This game amused me even though I don’t speak Danish (I think it’s Danish). It’s strangely addicting but what’s going on? How do you make more than like 5 panfuls?

Via Linkfilter.

Read more if you want the rules (half the fun is trying to figure it out):
More >

Yet more game nostalgia

I’ve seen sites with Classic ’80s Games before, but this one has Simon! And Pacman. And Tetris, which for some reason I never consider an 80s game. Something about Tetris never goes out of style.

From Presurfer.

Thou doest what?

For some reason, lately I’ve seen a few references to images created with Historic Tale Construction Kit, the latest over at Making Light. One of her commentors found an image that illustrates one of my favorite RPG stories of all time: I draweth mine bow and shooteth ye gazebo!

If you don’t know the story, click on the tapestry. Ah, read it again even if you do know it.

And if you don’t care about the story, make some images from the tapestry.