Guess what day it is?

Apparently, it’s Pi Day again. We had apple pi(e). Let’s see what the rest of the Internet did:

Boing Boing had lots of fun with a spherical pie (mine was merely pi(e)-shaped), a pi joke, and some great ways you could (well, could have) celebrate(d) Pi Day.

Over at Chicagoist, Pi Day is a great day for $3.14 deals and a also a Sesame Street classic about a pickle pie.

It looks like at least some people at Slashdot took the day off to groove to the pi music. Metafilter has even more pi songs.

But that contrarian J-Walk, he posted a video of the brilliant Vi Hart explaining why pi is all wrong. Should we be celebrating Tau Day on 6/28 instead? And what do you eat for Tau Day, anyway?

Slices of Pi

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A Pi Day website

I Love Pi tshirt

Pi world rankings

Joy of Pi

Pi Source Book

Bonus slices (might not have anything to do with pi)

Pi Recordings

Pi Story

The new administration gets something right

Congress has made Pi Day official

Via J-Walk.

If you’re looking for Pi Day gifts

Just in time for 3/14: Pi-shaped ice trays.

Alien Pi

Easy as pi: Astrophysicist solves riddle of Britain’s most complex crop circle

Why do aliens like Britain so much?

Happy 20th Birthday 3.14159265358979323846 Day

Happy 20th Birthday, Pi Day. Coincidently, that’s the number of digits of pi I memorized for no apparent reason. And yes, of course, you know 50.

This blogger has some fun ideas about how to celebrate the day:

Write a poem following the “rule” of pi. For those of you belonging to a “cult”, you might try this instead of the more common haiku. It’s:

1 word three letters long
1 word 1 letter long
1 word 4 letters long
1 word 1 letter long
1 word 5 letters long, and so on.

And I said: a weird marsupial is moving among the green treetops.

Um. Maybe some of you will be better at this.



Kitchen math

How to Calculate Pi by Throwing Frozen Hot Dogs. Or spaghetti. Or toothpicks. Or maybe carrots. Just don’t use bananas:

Resist the temptation to use bananas. Not only are they not really straight, but they really won’t last more than 50 throws before creating a big mess. Really.

From The Presurfer

Pi is everything

A fun pi post on Metafilter today. Pi is infinite, so theoretically every number ever might be represented — even those numbers that make up text, media, and application files. Do the digits of pi hold everything? No. But you can probably at least find your birthday.

Irrational Music

Somebody had to do it: pi as a piano solo.

Pi, Klingons, Toilets, and Business Cards

My friends find the strangest things on the Interwebs:

Wednesday is Pi day, of course.

Finnish MP seeks votes in Klingon – Yahoo! News. Takes “getting out the vote” to a new level.

Scary Toilet: would you use it?

This is a cool business card, but is it legal?

I’ll be away for a bit, but it looks like reddit has lots of interesting stuff.

Thanks, Ann F. & Dave S.