Link Dump

Goodies from some Chrome tabs

Medicare is going bankrupt (and has been since 1969 – hasn’t seemed to get there just yet)

Michigander salutes his father, who fought during the Civil War – that’s amazing

What’s on TV this summer? Torchwood!

It won’t help, but I understand where the guy is coming from.

Friday links

Just 2 today:

XKCD has a Radiation Chart Update.

I can’t figure out why anyone would think that someone would fly an American flag at half-staff to honor OBL, but yup, that happened.

Oh, hi, there’s a blog here

It’s a quiet Saturday which calls for a few quiet links:

  • Easter was last week, but it’s never too late to enjoy Peep dioramas and Easter eggs (via JML).
  • Speaking of recent events, more Shiba Inu puppies were born a couple of weeks ago, meaning the puppy cam is back. More 24/7 cute than anyone can handle!
  • If you find your quiet Saturdays are often interrupted by zombies,this might be the house for you (via GeekPress).

“The computer is broken” links

The screen on the Mac isn’t working. But turns out I’ve got an external monitor so I guess there’s no real reason to not share links with you all.

You’ve probably heard that a McDonald’s burger doesn’t rot. Here’s why.
There are a bunch of these on the Internet already, but I always love vintage tech ads. $3398 for a 10MB drive? What a bargain!
I’ve got an iPhone.
Yes, there is a better way to gut pumpkins.
Most of these via The Presurfer.

Happy 4th of July

Or should we have been celebrating on the 2nd?

What price did the signers pay? There’s the email your relatives will forward you, but Snopes dug a little further.

Preserving the Declaration – yup, there is a science to libraries, particularly archives.

And speaking of things that lasted over 200 years (at least in internet time), CompuServ has been shut down of this week.

Late June Finds (37 wks and I’m pretty lazy)

A few links:

A different take on the romance novel (from a fan): I Love My Dead Gay Husband I&II and I Love My Dead Gay Husband III: Still Dead. Still Gay. And Now with Bonus Manic Episodes

There, I Fixed It – duct tape can do anything

How Many Apps Are on Your IPhone? I have 36. I need some more.

Online journalism then and now.

Open Letter To Safeway – this explains Dominicks.

Need stuff to read?

I suppose I could tell you why these links are interesting, but that would be telling:

Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive – some more scientific than others

‘#CNNFail’: Twitterverse slams network’s Iran absence – I’m sure there was an important story about American Idol they needed to cover

Drugs Won the War – but you knew that

The Web back in 1996-1997 – but you remember this

Target Women: Lady Friends – do these commercials persuade anyone to do anything?

America’s best-selling car – and we’re totally getting one

Light links

Palm Pre Review: Part 1- I’m getting less convinced I should get the Pre instead of an iPhone, but I’m still waiting to make up my mind.

Two for Dana: The Best 80′s Sitcoms and 10 Awesome Moments From Sesame Street – I don’t remember the llama.

Hey, Mac Users! Check out the MacUpdate Promo – good for a $30 discount on Parallels, if nothing else.

Day-late, dollar-short link dump

Sesame Street is as old as I am (more or less); my parents are happy about this or there wouldn’t have been much TV for me to watch. Newsweek takes a look back in ‘Sesame Street’ The show that counts. David actually doesn’t watch it that often, but he likes their website.

This week, I had fun playing with Geek Chart. I’d play with some Frank Lloyd Wright Lego sets, but they don’t have one for the Frank Thomas House yet.

So how do they know how many people die of normal flu each year, especially when flu is not often listed as the direct cause of death? Slate looks at The math behind estimating flu deaths.

Two just for Dana: Branded in the 80s and “The Facts of Life” Cast: Then & Now.

Where did the links go?

Doesn’t look like I have many this week:

Top 10 disappointing technologies – some tech works out better than others. One of them is a viable competitor to Google. Will Wolfram Alpha fill that niche? Despite the Whedon-villain name, it doesn’t look like it.

Thinking of painting a mural in Chicago that might be politically critical? Not so fast… More.

I never know how long to grill anything on the Foreman, but I ran across a neat cheat sheet this week that will help.