Marking my calendar with wasabi

I wasn’t able to celebrate International Sushi Day this year, but I won’t miss it next year.

Where did the links go?

Doesn’t look like I have many this week:

Top 10 disappointing technologies – some tech works out better than others. One of them is a viable competitor to Google. Will Wolfram Alpha fill that niche? Despite the Whedon-villain name, it doesn’t look like it.

Thinking of painting a mural in Chicago that might be politically critical? Not so fast… More.

I never know how long to grill anything on the Foreman, but I ran across a neat cheat sheet this week that will help.

Mother’s Day links

None of which have much to do with Mother’s Day at all.

H1N1 may be nasty, but parasites are still a global problem. They can be hugely problematic for humans — and a complete nightmare for the rest of the animal kingdom (warning: do not read while trying to eat).

Is that whiskey really as old as the seller claims? One way to find out is to check for nuclear fall out. If you find it in a whiskey which was supposed to have been bottled in 1850, the seller is lying.

The new Trek movie briefly touches on torture, but the torture is Hollywood-style and the movie doesn’t have much to say about it. TNG’s take on torture, on the other hand, was far more nuanced (not to mention prescient).

Oprah tells her audience about a coupon for free KFC chicken and causes a lot of headaches for libraries. How does that work?

Peep day!

I’m beginning to think that there’s more space on the Internet devoted to Peeps than I had ever suspected. And has for many years — this Peep research site is over 10 years old.

This year, many newspapers held great Peep diorama contests, including the Trib (here are the winners). However, I always like the Washington Post’s, even if many of this year’s featured scenes are a bit… gruesome. (If the WP site bugs you for a password, try here.)

One two three four GO – Peep Titans!

Want to try making your own?

Of course, I still like Peeps in the Library.

No one listens to me about cheese

It’s gross and also disgusting.

[B]ehind that heavenly taste and texture lies bacteria, mammal stomach lining and pure fat.

Casu marzu … is a traditional sheep milk cheese, notable for being riddled with live insect larvae.

First link from Borgkight, second from Boing Boing.

Local cuisine

What makes our city’s cuisine so popular? Is it Wildfire? Tru? Charlie Trotters? No, it’s Italian beef, hot dogs, burgers, and gyros. Portillos is sounding good about now.

GreaseFreak’s pics via Pop Culture Junk Mail.

Don’t blame the turkey

Why are we sleepy after a big Thanksgiving meal? It’s not the turkey. Sorry – try alcohol, a long day, or all the carbs.

Too many tabs – my annoyance, your gain!

I have too many tabs open, so I’ll share them with you so I can get rid of some:

12-Year-Old’s a Food Critic via Metafilter. Look for him on Top Chef in a few seasons.
Guidelines for Cats via Presurfer. Because there’s not enough funny cat stuff on the Internet.
Sithborg, you want this tshirt (there’s also I’ll kill you with my brain!) via CtrlAltTabby.
Incredibots – more Flash meets physics.
Give a laptop/get a laptop is back. But it’s $399. I’ll have to think about that one.
Will Obama make the greatest sacrifice yet – giving up his BlackBerry?
Google SketchUp, a 3D modeler for Macs and PCs, looks like fun.
I’ve blogged them once, but the Shiba Inu puppies are growing up so you’d better watch them while you can.
On second thought, I think I’ll keep the puppy tab open.

Let them eat cake!

But only if the cake is shaped like the Death Star.