Not yet done Peeping

Polite Dissent presents: The Uncanny X-Peeps.

Let’s see. you wouldn’t want to eat the White Queen Peep because she’d use her telepathy to make you only think you’d eaten her. Or she’d just use her new diamond skin (still trying to figure that one out). Ouch. Wolverpeep, well, adamantium marshmallow and all that. Double ouch. Nightpeepcrawler would probably taste like sulfur. I suppose you could eat Cypeepclops and he’d only whine about it. The bones from Angel Peep would stick in your throat. Storm Peep would hit your stomach with lightening. Professor Peep Xavier would turn your mind to mush. And I don’t even want to consider eating Peep Phoenix because I’d just bet she’d go all Dark Peep Phoenix somewhere in your small intestine and then the universe would be destroyed.

Behind the Organic is the Big

Just because food is organic does not mean it’s independent. Naked Juice is Pepsi and Odwalla is Coke. Kashi may travel the world looking for whatever it is they are looking for, but they return to Kellogg in the end. And Heinz owns quite a few organic companies, like Earth’s Best (and makes its own organic products). So are big corps trying to be good, or just cash in on consumers trying to be conscientious?

Friday night link dumping

Found … um… I can’t remember where:

20+ Tools For Creating Your Own Games
In case you have a lot of time to make games.
Type better faster!

BabyCenter Top Baby Names of 2007
Unique names everyone will have.

Another five-year-old on the no-fly list: meet Sam Adams

Healthy Children: The Parent Blame Game
What are we all doing wrong now?

Davenetics* : The Best Peanut Butter in the World
He seems pretty serious. I think I’d take him at his word.

Flickr: The Gingerbread House Showcase Pool

Edit: slightly improved title.

Turducken is for wimps

Real cooks are making the True Love Rost: It serves 125, takes eight hours to cook and is stuffed with 12 different birds (one for each of the 12 Days of Christmas). That’s a lot of meat. 50,000 calories worth of meat.

For your next holiday meal

A recent Two Lumps strip used “pemmican” in the punchline, which might have been totally funny if I had any idea what pemmican was. Thank the Internet for Wikipedia: originally created by Native North Americans, “Pemmican is a concentrated food consisting of dried pulverized beef, dried berries, and rendered fat.” It’s great for long treks. If you want to try it yourself, here are some recipes.

The 20 Worst Foods In America

You don’t have to altogether avoid The 20 Worst Foods In America — some make a fun, decadent treat. I’m not sure how useful the calorie counts are, but the fat and sodium numbers for some of these popular menu items are kind of scary. The list is a good reminder that some things, like the turkey burger, may seem more innocuous than they are.

My favorite thing about this list are the alternatives. Normally these kinds of lists are always telling you to substitute a salad or something. Boring. But this list is just as likely to suggest that maybe instead of a greasy burger, you might want a nice steak. Or tasty shrimp instead of onion rings. Or get what you want, but just a smaller size. Finally, substitutes I can live with.

As for this Thanksgiving — eat hardily and well, and enjoy absolutely everything.

Skins, widgets, peanuts, photos, and more!

GelaSkins - Neat skins for your Apple stuff.

Widgetbox – Make your own mashups.

Sparky - John Updike on Charles Schultz.

*M*i*r*r*o*r* *W*o*r*l*d* – Old photographs.

Steve’s Vintage Color TV Page – Old TVs.

Global Incident Map – What’s going on in the world?

Kitchen Wench » Best ever meal-in-a-bowl! – I love bibim bap. I wish I could cook like this.

Dishwasher Cooking

After coming across a link for cooking Dishwasher Lasagna Florentine on the Presurfer, I wondered if there were other dishwasher recipes. Salmon in the dishwasher is popular; I found several variations. There’s also Dishwasher shrimp. Bon appetit!

Beginning of the week links

Found these in my tabs:

Bloxorz: a nice little geometric-based game. Sounds easy enough: get the block in the hole, and don’t let it fall of the sides.

MetaFilter discusses Famous First Words in pop music (as well as some infamous ones).

This Ask MetaFilter question, Marriott ruined our wedding night!, has some pretty good advice on how to approach service industries who do not perform. Best idea: be sure, when asking for compensation, to ask for somethings specific and reasonable (that is, “We’d like 50% off or our bill” works better than “We’d like free service for life” or “Someone Must Pay!”).

How to Store Your Food So It Lasts Longer: turns out you can store your bananas in the fridge.

A. Whitney Brown advices his nephew to not enlist in the Air Force. A reminder that the media has been, over the last few decades, very quiet about how our country actually uses its military forces and who we have killed.

I keep telling you: cheese is dangerous

Ann found this, and it totally backs me up: Cheesy attack leads to assault charges. Or it proves that things are slow in Des Moines.