Where did the links go?

Doesn’t look like I have many this week:

Top 10 disappointing technologies – some tech works out better than others. One of them is a viable competitor to Google. Will Wolfram Alpha fill that niche? Despite the Whedon-villain name, it doesn’t look like it.

Thinking of painting a mural in Chicago that might be politically critical? Not so fast… More.

I never know how long to grill anything on the Foreman, but I ran across a neat cheat sheet this week that will help.

All around the web

Looks like Ecto’s giving me some problems.

The Evolution of Tech Companies’ Logos The Evolution of Tech Companies’ Logos: The first Apple logo was just a little too complicated.

Truck Bearing Kibble: For those of you who need another web comic.

New Super-Efficient Chip Could Run on Body Heat

Web Trend Map 2008: I like the clickable version.

The Worst Addiction of Them All: The Worst Addiction of Them All: What’s it good for? Absolutely nothing.

(This one’s for Seth) Fun Valentine’s Day Card

Found in my tabs. Original sites found on many other blogs.

Friday night link dumping

Found … um… I can’t remember where:

20+ Tools For Creating Your Own Games
In case you have a lot of time to make games.
Type better faster!

BabyCenter Top Baby Names of 2007
Unique names everyone will have.

Another five-year-old on the no-fly list: meet Sam Adams

Healthy Children: The Parent Blame Game
What are we all doing wrong now?

Davenetics* : The Best Peanut Butter in the World
He seems pretty serious. I think I’d take him at his word.

Flickr: The Gingerbread House Showcase Pool

Edit: slightly improved title.

Saturday Night Linkdump Fest

I think these are mostly for Seth, but the rest of you might enjoy them, too:

Dadlabs: a short, funny vodcast on the dad-life.

The Economic Consequences of Mr. Bush: Joseph Stiglitz on the fallout we can expect from this administration after January 2009. I’m looking for an easy-to-use urban composter. Any recommendations?

No Alternative: A surgeon questions unproven medical practices.

Three Things Cloning Isn’t: so much for the Great Clone Army.

Feminist Gamers: on the intersection of politics, pop culture, and Carcassonne.

Religious scholars mull Flying Spaghetti Monster: papers to be presented include “Holy Pasta and Authentic Sauce: The Flying Spaghetti Monster’s Messy Implications for Theorizing Religion” and “Noodling around with Religion: Carnival Play, Monstrous Humor, and the Noodly Master.”

Not a Cough in a Carload: how the tobacco industry used advertising to downplay the effects of cigarettes.

Top 10 Myths About Thanksgiving

The New Dawn of Solar: the amazing nanosolar power sheet.

Via lots of places, including The Presurfer and Boing Boing.

Dumping all over the Internet — some links for the new week

Mashable! – The Social Networking Blog — looks like a good source for new tech news.

What Autistic Girls Are Made Of — are there significant differences between autistic boys and autistic girls?

Supergirls Gone Wild: Gender Bias In Comics Shortchanges Superwomen — new story, old news.

Ultimate fiesta — where is the balance between honoring old traditions and setting viable limits?

The Star Dust Mystery — The tale of a plane that crashed on landing sixty years ago. Some thought the disaster was caused by aliens, others thought conspiracy was the obvious explanation. The truth isn’t exactly down to earth.

Links found in my email

All from various sources. One’s from my uncle.

One of the things I used to read on Smoking Gun all the time were these sad concert riders. This one is actually pretty funny.

Retrievr: Search by sketch

Capital Domes: Hairstyles of your favorite pols. (This one.)

Someone mentioned on the radio the other day that half the world had yet to make a phone call, let alone use the internet. This assertion seemed wrong to me. An astounding number of people haven’t made any phone calls, but not half the world.

A link fest for you

A really long break — I’ll try to post a little more often. If I don’t post, how would you know what’s on the Internet?

PC World likes lists: 100 Fearless Forecasts (some more fearless than others) and also 99 Unknown sites (you probably know a lot of them; a couple of links below come from the list)

Abandoned Bicycles of New York: Who left them all? Cook with what you already have — will it tell me what in my house is still edible?

Etsy: Buy and sell crafts. Thought Dana might like this one.