Does he get an IPod?

Former Vice President Al Gore Joins Apple’s Board of Directors

There’s a joke in there somewhere … just … can’t … find … it ….

Unlikely Partners

There aren’t many law offices which use Mac but those that do now have their own weblog — LegalMac. Even if you are just a home Mac user, it talks about programs — like Zoe (for email ) — which we can all check out. And with this info maybe Mac users could convince their own offices that having a Mac or two or a bunch might be pretty cool!

Stop it stop it stop it!

Lots of people wonder why I continue to use Macs. Maybe it’s because Windows is so annoying.

Mmm! Baked Apple!

Stolen from the usual suspect: There are better ways to make dessert. Don’t try to cook your TiBook.



No fair!

So cool!


It’s like a new church or something

A new Apple Store opens in Oak Brook today. Guess where I’m going later? (And no, I haven’t been to the Woodfield one yet. Will I be getting a new TiBook? We’ll see…..

Already Switched in ’87

Why am I not surprised that Ellen Feiss’ first interview was in the Brown Daily Herald?

I am shocked and offended! No, wait. I’m not.