If you’ve lived in the western suburbs of Chicago, or even just seen Wayne’s World, you know the spindle:


It’s now for sale. On eBay.

The cars on the “Spindle” starting at the top:

1. 1967 VW, red
2. 1976 BMW, silver License Plate reads “DAVE”
3. 1981 Ford Escort, blue
4. 1974 or 1973 Mercury Capri, green
5. 1978 Ford Mustang, white over blue
6. 1981 Pontiac Grand Prix, maroon or burgundy
7. 1980 or 1979 Ford LTD, light yellow
8. 1981 or 1979 Mercury, black

Staring bid: $50,000. Shipping and handling: $100,000. That’s a lot for “The sculpture is being sold subject to copyright claims asserted by the artist Dustin Shuler.” As beloved as this long-standing work of art is, I think I’ll pass. Auction closes 4/17/08. No takers so far. Via Chicagoist.