Endgadget has compiled a nice list of the Ten gadgets that defined the decade (yes, I know the decade actually ends at the end of this year, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping anyone). It was kind of fun to find that I had at least some version of almost every item on it. I guess I know my gadgets.

1. Canon Digital ELPH
I didn’t have this camera, but I did get a couple of digital cameras. I guess that counts?

2. Apple PowerBook G4
I didn’t get the first generation since my G3 was still new when it came out, but I have owned several of its successors.

3. Microsoft Windows XP/Apple Mac OS X
Not much to say about these operating systems – they get the job done. ¬† It’s going to take Windows 7 a while to to earn the reputation that XP enjoys now.

4. Apple iPod
I was slow to get an iPod, and for the first few years it wasn’t a regular part of my everyday life. Once NPR started podcasting my favorite shows, it became my best weapon for fighting boredom while sitting in Chicago traffic.

5. TiVoSeries2
I have a couple of VCRs around somewhere. Can’t say where they are or what I’d use them for. The TiVo replaced them long ago. Even when it died in 2008, I just waited until we could get a cable DVR rather than mess around with taping shows again.

6. Motorola RAZR V3
This is supposed to be some kind of coveted phone. I seemed to have missed that bandwagon.

7. PalmOne Treo 600/650
The reason why? I had a Treo. I could store contact information directly from my computer, take bad pictures, surf the internet really slowly, kind of read email, and – best of all – find and install interesting apps. Why would I want a basic flip phone when I could have a phone that could actually do a lot of stuff?

8. Microsoft Xbox 360
We got this when it first came out. Today, it’s our DVD player and our main connection to Netflix. And sometimes we play games with it.

9. Apple iPhone
When this first came out, I’d just upgraded my Treo. At the time I got the new Treo, it seemed pretty advanced. Within 6 months, it felt like I was carrying a dinosaur everywhere I went. 3 months later, Seth replaced his older Treo with one of the 8Gs (I got an iPod Touch). I still had more than a year to go on my Sprint contract. When my contract expired in late 2008, I decided to wait to check out the latest from Palm. When the Pre finally came out in mid-2009, I liked it. It was light, could multitask, and had a great UI. But it wasn’t an iPhone. I wound up waiting another month for the 3GS, which is currently my favorite gadget ever.

10. ASUS Eee PC 900
I haven’t added a netbook to my gadget menagerie yet. My MacBook Pro and iPhone work for most of my mobile computing needs. Also, I wonder – if tablets take off, will netbooks remain popular? I think they would likely compete in the same market.

Flat screen monitors and TVs
They’ve been around for a long time, but now are incredibly cheap and ubiquitous. I just read¬† that flat screen TVs now outsell CRTs. The only part of that statement I found surprising was that some people are still getting CRTs.