Mom’s emailed me some interesting articles lately:

Food expiration dates: What do they really mean? – I’m a little cautious with food expirations but here’s a good explanation about what you should really worry about. That said, I don’t often encounter milk that’s anything remotely resembling tasty after its sell-by date.

4 Things You Should and Shouldn’t Buy at Target – Some may say not to buy anything at Target, though I find it’s pretty good for baby and preschool stuff. I don’t think I’ll buy a Kindle from them anytime soon.

7 Things You Should Always Buy Generic – Pain killers are one thing, but I’m not sure if I want to settle for generic spices. Salt is NaCL no matter who packages it, but I’m pretty sure there are better and worse curry powders, for example. And I guess I’ll save a lot for items I never buy at all, like bleach.