1. Who runs this thing?

I’m a Chicago-area law librarian who also happens to have an art degree. In case you can’t tell by reading this site, I’m a left-wing, atheist, comic-reading, Dr. Who-watching, cat-obsessed, cheese-hating geek girl who reads way too many blogs.

2. What did you use to make this?

I am a 20-year-plus Mac-phile. I currently have a MacBook Pro. I originally built this on Blogger and modified it with Go Live. Then I used MovableType and messed up the CSS with Dreamweaver. Now I use WordPress on HostICan.

3. Where are pictures of your cats? We can’t have a geek weblog without them!

They are on Flickr, of course. And there are baby pictures there, too.

My cats are/were rescue cats, Tangerine from outside and the late Yogi from the shelter. They are about ten years old. I also live with two other cats (well, they are really Seth’s cats), Tora and Tatsu.  Also a preschooler.  Also a baby.  Also a husband.

4. What is debgpi?

This site used to be debg.net. Then I let my domain name lapse. Stupid me. But I’ve been using debgpi as a user name when I can’t use debg (debg-pi). Why? For some reason I like pi. Yes, I know it’s totally useless.

5. Why don’t you talk about library stuff here?

I sometimes talk about library stuff on other blogs. This blog is for other stuff.

6. Why don’t you post about yourself here?

Again, got another blog, Artikat. And a Facebook account.  And Twitter.

7. Why so many blogs?

No reason. Just a geek.

8. Aren’t you supposed to be doing something else now?

Yes. Sleeping.

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