And I thought the bar exam was hard

If you want to feel like you must have forgotten everything you’ve ever learned, take a crack at the 106th King William’s College Quiz. Some answers you might know already, others are easily found in Wikipedia or Google, but most of the questions would be challenging to even the most seasoned librarians. Some MeFites have posted a few of the answers. The full set of answers will be posted later this month. Good luck!

How does your garden grow?

It might be the dead of winter, but it’s never too early to start planning your spring garden. Mother Earth has an easy garden planner that you can use to chart your favorite vegetables, trees, herbs, and flowers as well as a handy chart describing the best planting times. I’m looking forward to a harvest of tomatoes, beans, peas, carrots, squash, and strawberries. Or I could just let the mint take over the garden again. Anyone need mint?

2011 is a prime number (and other facts)

While 2010 is divisible by 3, 10 and a bunch of other numbers, 2011 is a prime number. Other things to know about 2011:

  • If we were in the Aeon Flux universe, nearly the entire population of the planet would be wiped out by a mysterious virus (and here’s more of that kind of thing).
  • 2011 is the International Year of Chemistry (and more events that will take place in the real world).
  • 2011 movies include Thor, The Green Hornet, and sequels to Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, Transformers, and, of course, Cars.

Whatever you are looking forward to in 2011, I hope you all have a wonderful and happy new year.


Mashable found a great video – “World of Warcraft” + Xbox Kinect = Magic. Granted, you can’t use Kinect for most of the controls you need to play WoW, but for gesture-based computing, it’s a great start. Are we finally seeing the end of the mouse (and maybe keyboard)?

Mapping America – a fun visual demographic map

The NYT has a cool map where visualizing data from 2005-9 taken by the Census Bureau. View population density from the state level down to block by block. Via Flutterby.

“The computer is broken” links

The screen on the Mac isn’t working. But turns out I’ve got an external monitor so I guess there’s no real reason to not share links with you all.

You’ve probably heard that a McDonald’s burger doesn’t rot. Here’s why.
There are a bunch of these on the Internet already, but I always love vintage tech ads. $3398 for a 10MB drive? What a bargain!
I’ve got an iPhone.
Yes, there is a better way to gut pumpkins.
Most of these via The Presurfer.

Pancakes on a Thursday! Sw33t!

I have some links to post from my RSS feeds in Google Reader, but I’m having some technical difficulties on the Mac front of the “screen no longer feels like working” variety. Good thing Jean Marie found yet another awesome pancake blog: The Pancake Project.

So are there a lot of pancake blogs, I wondered? A quick Google search found the Illinois Pancake Blog, searching the state for the best of the best, and one blog about a celebrity named Sw33t Pancake, but I have no idea who she is.


Did somebody lose an elephant? Yes, yes they did. What do you do when you find a lost elephant? Apparently, call 911 (and film it).

Via GeekPress

For Muppet Experts Only?

Boing Boing recently tested readers’ knowledge of Henson creations in Obscure Muppets: The Quiz. I was surprised to get 70%, but I’m sure some of you will do much better.


Jim’s Pancakes is cute blog about a dad who makes amazing pancake creations for his kid (via JML). I can’t make amazing pancake creations, but I can cook up a few batches of these Easy Pancakes – but don’t use as much baking powder and salt as the recipe calls for. Meanwhile, I bet Allie’s mom regrets making the birthday treat that made her 4-year-old daughter The God of Cake.